Linea Mare Blu was founded in the Eighties. At that time, we used to produce swimming costumes for other companies. Then, after gaining the experience we needed, we decided to take the major step of producing our own swimwear lines.

In the Nineties, after its acquisition by Claudio Angeli, Linea Mare Blu started to get its name known and to operate beyond its regional boundaries. New strategies and new markets for our small family business!

Claudio’s son Matteo also joined the company in 2000. He worked in all areas of the family firm, even as a warehouseman, and eventually took charge of its overall running.


Linea Mare Blu

stylish, elegant swimwear

Style, innovation, comfort and fit: these are the distinguishing features of the Linea Mare Blu collection, an exclusive line that reflects the new season’s trends with a wealth of models, with band and triangle bikinis in the shapes and colours launched by the fashion system.


the joy of living the sea

Mare Blu, elegant swimwear, affordable for all. This is the concept of the Solymar swimwear line, a collection created and produced for women who express all the joy of life.
Lots of irresistible women’s costumes for spending days in the sun, top quality materials and colours that show off your tan to perfection. Are you a trendy young woman who loves to change beachwear? Solymar costumes are designed for you